Laboratory of Ecology of Benthos

Curated by Distav/Centro del Mare-UniGe

The ecology of restoration is a science that is becoming increasingly “mainstream” as a consequence of the real need, felt by researchers and highlighted by European and international regulations, that man is committed to restoring those ecosystems that he helped destroy.
The proposed laboratory will lead the participants to follow some phases of the work of the researchers in restoring some marine species currently in decline and need of intervention.
Through video and tangible experiences, we will show how macroalgae are cultivated to reforest our seabed and how marine invertebrates reproduce in captivity. Participants will have the opportunity to observe closely and touch with their hands organisms subject to restoration (mollusks and seaweed) and to manipulate substrates and materials used for positioning in the sea.

Duration: 1 h

Target: all

When: 24 and 25 June at 10.30, 12.00, 16.00 and 18.00.