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Innovative start-up Enterprises Associations Team evaluating start up Researchers, Phd students, professionals
In Genoa Blue District the coexistence is regulated by mutual respect, by will to collaborate, by pleasure to discuss, by willingness to participate, share, co-organize.

Workspaces and rest corners

Networking spaces and event rooms

Free Wi-Fi

Printer and projector

Formula Full continuous and daily presence with occupation of the required workstations
an exclusive desk in open space with electrical connection, a cabinet for exclusive use, use of the rest corner and conversation area, priority for meeting room, screen and projector, use of cuspid rooms for events, delivery mail, cleaning
Smart formula 20 entrances in 3 months
a desk in open space with two seats and a turret for electrical connection, a cabinet, use of the rest corner and conversation area, possibility to use the meeting room on reservation, screen and projector, cusp use for events

For all 2021 the fee will be free

Full – 200€ per month per desk. Small – 210€ per quarter per desk.

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