Genova Blue district

The Genoa Blue District is a district dedicated to the Blue Economy that integrates the supply chain of the sea, hi-tech, business, and tourism and is the engine for the development of the city of Genoa. It is a focal point for the entire Blue Economy, not only related to the port but also to the entire maritime and logistics chain of Genoa.


Support the vocation of Genoa leader of the blue economy dynamizing the convergence between local processes and scientific, technical, and entrepreneurial resources for the creation of skills, research, technology transfer, green and digital-driven innovation in the Blue Economy.


Organization of events, workshops, seminars, workshops, exchange of ideas


Dissemination and participation processes for young people and citizens

Realization of ideas

Joint actions to create and support ideas and projects: hackathon, ideas competitions, acceleration programs

Open Innovation City

Accompany innovators in dialogue with the administration and the territory