Genova Blue District

A place, more ideas

A place of convergence to support innovation, technological research and new forms of business related to the blue economy.

Il porto di Genova e la Lanterna

The blue economy: a driver of development

The Blue Economy is one of the main drivers of development of the City of Genoa and the country, able to mobilize extraordinary knowledge and technical skills, business and science and to create innovation and new added value through research and new technologies linked to the ecological and digital transition.

Porto Antico di Genova vista aerea

A space for innovators

The Municipality of Genoa offers a physical space and resources to develop business ideas related blue economy sector, based on the concept of “open innovation”. An innovation incubator for companies, a start-up accelerator, an open and dynamic place on various thematic areas: infrastructure, environment, economic and productive development, tourism, culture and natural resources enhancement, employment.