Blue Vision first event Water

Blue Vision – First event dedicated to Water

As part of the “Towards Ocean Race, innovation, sustainability, business” project, the Blue Vision path kicks off with a series of events dedicated to the five key themes around which this initiative is born. The goal is to promote the dissemination of knowledge, active participation of citizens, research and enhancement of innovative solutions in the context of the Blue Economy.

The main macro themes are: Water, Energy, Matter, Sustainable Tourism and Sport.

Each event, which will be held in May, will address each theme from different points of view, trying to bring out the complexities and challenges that characterize them in order to present new solutions and perspectives for future developments.

The first event of Blue Vision will be held on Tuesday 3 May at 3 pm at the headquarters of the Genoa Blue District and will be dedicated to Water, that will be analyzed from different perspectives thanks to the speeches of representatives from both business and research.

It will also be possible to follow the event in live streaming at the link

Blue Vision first event Water