Blue Seminars – Marine Waves and Renewable Energy

In the seminar various techniques for measuring and monitoring wave motion will be illustrated. The main lines of development of renewable energies obtainable from the sea will also be presented, with reference to the most recent international research programs.

Part one: Measuring the waves of the sea

Antonio Lengo –Arpal-Wave buoys for storm prevention
Enzo Zambianchi – UniParthenope-Coastal Radar
Alejandro Caceres < / strong> -UnigeUnitoulon-Role of coastal radars in weather forecasts
Gabriele Nardone , ISPRA-Networks for monitoring the state of the sea
Vincenzo Piscopo , UniParthenope-Measurements by surveys on board the ship
Andrea Cannata , UniCt-Measurements by seismometric surveys

Second part: Renewable energies from the sea
George Lavidas
-TU-Delft-Renewable energy from the sea

Coordination: Giovanni Besio and Giovanni Battista Rossi from UNIGE

Participation is free and open. It will be possible to follow the event in attendance at the Genova Blue District, in via del Molo 65 AR, upon presentation of the green pass, or at the following link: https : // v = S6PgqIucgH4