Genoa and the Blue Economy

The history of Genoa has always been linked to shipping and trade. City at the center of the commerce between Europe, Africa and East and historically is one of the main ports of call of the Mediterranean.

The port of Genoa has strongly widened in the course of the centuries, the greater expansion has happened to the end of the 800, period in which Genoa became a driving force behind the industrial development of northern Italy.

The maritime-port economy: a range of technical, professional, scientific and training skills.

Genoa is the 1st port for strategic importance in the Italian north-west, it also represents the southern terminal of the Rhine-Alps Corridor and the ideal transit point of the Silk Road (from China to Europe).

The port of Genoa extends for 22 km along the coast

Liguria is the first Region in Italy for share of shipbuilding companies in the total manufacturing

Liguria is the first Region in Italy for quota enterprises of the shipbuilding one on the total of the manifattura

genova water front di levante

East Waterfront

Between the Fiera di Genova and the Porto Antico will develop the Waterfront Levante, designed by the architect Renzo Piano, an urban district consisting of spaces used as temporary residence and hotel hospitality, built around a central waterway.

Another point of the project is the redevelopment of areas no longer intended for permanent exhibition functions, which will become a place of multifunctional activities, indoor and outdoor coworking spaces, to provide services to visitors and tourists.

Key initiatives of the Blue Economy of Genoa are the International Nautical Exhibition, the largest event of the Mediterranean sector, the Genoa Shipping Week and the Blue Economy Summit, which attract every year exponents of the business community, enthusiasts and experts in the field.

The Ocean Race

In the summer of 2023 Genoa will be the protagonist of the world sailing event par excellence: “The Grand Finale of the Ocean Race”.

The Ocean Race chose the Genova Blue District as the venue for the organization of the 2023 final.

The staff of Genoa The Grand Finale, working within the Magazzini dell’Abbondanza, fully becomes part of the activities and projects of the Genova Blue District.


The Blue District is a privileged look at the blue economy of Italy and Europe.

A physical space in which to reconcile the relationship port-city, development of the territory, innovation and creation of enterprise.